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Kaede, the origin

My name is Xue Mei or rather “Chiang” as all my friends in Seville know me.
For me, KAEDE is a dream come true …

After working in the kitchens of a Japanese restaurant in Paris, in 1992 we traveled to Seville to participate in Expo 92 ‘in the Japanese pavilion helping with the food.

I still don’t know if it was its monuments, its people, its food or its aroma of orange blossom that made us fall in love, but what we knew was that we could no longer leave Seville.

This is how our first Japanese restaurant SAKURA arose in 1993, from the opportunity to bring Japanese gastronomy to a Seville where this type of food did not exist, thus uniting both cultures.

Kaede, expansion and current

Thanks to the success of SAKURA, in 1998 we had the opportunity to open our restaurant at the Hotel Alfonso XIII, KAEDE.
Being a hotel of international stature, we had the opportunity to expand our knowledge, perfect our techniques and increase, if possible, the love for our passion, Japanese gastronomy.

Such was the success that KAEDE crossed the Spanish borders and settled in The Westin La Quinta Hotel, Marbella, until 2016.

Currently, since 2010, you can find KAEDE in the characteristic Calle Sevillana de Santa María la Blanca nº 16.

our soul

Kaede, strong and unshakeable

KAEDE is not a random name. I chose this name because I have always felt identified with the autumn maple leaves, strong and unshakable. Its red color represents our sincerity and enthusiasm towards customers

The restaurant is located at the entrance of the old town Santa María la Blanca.
It is a cozy place full of history. Its careful decoration makes it feel like your oriental corner in Seville.

The menu continues to have that special color, combining elements of traditional Japanese and Chinese cuisine with the best of Western culture.

our soul

This will be my little grain of sand, adding gastronomic diversity to such a beautiful city, which is my home and my family's.

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